University of Utah Mathematics Department Wireless Network

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U of U Wireless Zone

The College of Science wireless network completed during mid-2004 provides IEEE 802.11 a/b/g coverage in, and between, all buildings of the College. However, outdoor coverage is not yet uniform, and based on a September 2006 experiment, perhaps half the outdoor grounds of the College have insufficient signal strength to sustain a connection. Coverage should be available almost everywhere inside College buildings.

Access to the network requires authorization through a free client program that must first be installed on your computer, and the link to the client program can ONLY be reached from an on-campus Internet address, because of software copyright restrictions. Unless you have set up an on-campus proxy Internet address for off-campus machines, you must bring your system to campus and attach it to the network there in order to complete the client installation.

To complete authorization, you need a valid UU-NID (University of Utah Network ID) and password (distinct from the Mathematics Department Unix systems login password).

All wireless network problems should be reported to the Campus Help Desk at Netcom, telephone 581-4000, since they serve as a single point-of-contact for problem management. Local systems and lab staff should normally not be contacted directly about wireless network problems.

Many more wireless resources are available on the Web at, where you can find advice on wireless cards, a frequently-asked questions list, maps of wireless network coverage at the University of Utah, and other useful resources.

More information is available in our local wireless frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) Web page.