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Inverse Problems and Applications

Exercises and notes:


For some introductory tutorials for MATLAB, please see the following links: A Repository of some the MATLAB codes we have discussed during the lecture can be found here.


Introduction to LaTeX:  Latex2e Primer.

A LaTeX repository of some of the LaTeX samples we have discussed can be found here.

Research Resources:

The following are some links to web sites that may be useful to you for researching your projecting:


  • Nancy Newren (c-nnn2 at math dot utah dot edu) - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  • David Groulx (dgroulx at math dot utah dot edu) - University of Utah
  • Song Du (sdu at eng dot utah dot edu) - University of Utah
  • Alan Johnson (asj at uclink dot berkeley dot edu) - UC Berkeley
  • Scott Meckler (sjm9 at geneseo dot edu) - SUNY at Geneseo
  • Gregory Lanson (gslanson at colby dot edu) - Colby College
  • Adam Gully (peakgully at comcast dot net) - University of Utah
  • Christopher Calaway (eladamri72 at yahoo dot com) - University of Utah
  • Les Kartchner (leskartchner at hotmail dot com) - University of Utah

Student Projects:

Descriptions and links to the students projects can be found here.
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