SL(2,R) Header

(Updated notes are continually being added.  Last update: 6/2/06.)

The two-week minicourse was devoted to all aspects of the theory of SL(2,R) including:

  • discrete and principal series
  • intertwining operators
  • unitary representations
  • character theory
  • L-groups and L-parameters
  • matrix ceofficients
  • D-modules
  • Bruhat filtrations
  • orbital integrals
  • n-homology

(Videos of lectures will be available by July, 2006.)

Lectures were delivered by the three organizers:

Bill Casselman (British Columbia)
Dragan Milicic (Utah)
Peter Trapa (Utah)

How did we do?  Read the anonymous Participant Evaluations for yourself.

The minicourse was followed by an AMS Summer Research Conference at Snowbird.  (Click here for the conference homepage.)  All participants of the minicourse were encouraged to attend the conference; over twenty did.

The minicourse was funded by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and the Mathematics Department at the University of Utah through its VIGRE grant from the National Science Foundation.