The Mathematics Major

Becoming a Math Major
To become a mathematics major one must have an interest in and talent for mathematics. There are no special departmental admission requirements. To declare a math major (or minor) contact:

Angie Gardiner
Undergraduate Advisor
LCB 214

Departmental Graduation Requirements
In addition to the required course work necessary for the specific majors, all math majors are required to:

  • Receive a “C” or better in all math courses (this applies to the minor also) and a “C-” or better in allied courses. Teaching majors must receive a “C+” or better in all math courses and a C or better in physics.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.3 in mathematics courses. Teaching majors must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8 in mathematics courses.
  • Complete at least 18 upper division credit hours of University of Utah mathematics courses.
  • Successfully pass, with a C or better (C+ or better for teaching majors), all mathematics courses within 3 attempts. Failure to pass any mathematics course with a C or better within 3 attempts will result in dismissal from the major. A withdrawal will be considered an attempt.
  • An exit survey is required the semester a student graduates.

Mathematics Major / Minor Requirements


  • Qualified students are encouraged to substitute Math 1250-1260 for Math 1210-1220-2210.
  • Students initially majoring in engineering may substitute Math 1311-1322 or Math 1310-1320-3140 for the Calculus sequence.
  • Students whose initial majors require Math 2250 may substitute Math 2250-2270-(3140 or 3150) for Math 2270-2280.