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Math Center

Applications for tutor, grader, and computer lab assistant positions are available online (see links below). Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, although hiring generally takes place at before the beginning of fall semester, and on occasion at the beginning of spring semester. Please complete the application form and have sent at least one, and preferably two, recommendations. Completed applications may be submitted at the Mathematics Department office (233 JWB).

  • To be considered for a tutoring position, one should have completed the Calculus series and taken at least one math class beyond Calculus.

  • To be considered for a computer lab assistant position, one should have a good working knowledge of UNIX and be familiar with the software frequently used by students in the lab, as well as a good math background.

  • To be considered for a grading position, it is best if one has completed at least the Calculus series.

Application for Employment

Recommendation Form

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Aryn DeJulis
155A Math Center