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          Return the  local Hollerith character corresponding
 to  the ASCII  character having  ordinal value  ORD.  If ORD
 corresponds to a  lower-case letter, and the local character
 set  supports  only upper-case  letters,  then  KARLCL  must
 return the  upper-case  equivalent of  ORD.  KARLCL  is  the
 inverse of  KARASC, since  KARLCL(KARASC(CHAR)) =  CHAR  for
 characters  for  which equivalences  can  be  defined.   The
 right-most bits  in ORD are used  to construct the Hollerith
 character,  and all  remaining bits  of ORD  are ignored, so
 that  no error condition exists  if ORD is out  of the valid
 range.  If the ASCII  character corresponding to  ORD has no
 equivalent in  the  local character  set, then  KARLCL  must
 return  a value  +0;  this  cannot represent  an  A1  format
 character on any existing computer.