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     #                         TEXTB,LOCB,LENB)

          Given two packed character  strings defined by  the
 arguments TEXTA,LOCA,LENA  and TEXTB,LOCB,LENB,  search  the
 first string for the first occurrence of the second  string,
 ignoring letter case differences.   If any of the  arguments
 LOCA, LENA,  LOCB, or  LENB are  invalid, or  if the  second
 string is  not  found in  the  first, return  0.  Otherwise,
 return its index,  or position, in  TEXTA(*), counting  from
 the first character stored in TEXTA(*).  The result returned
 is thus  always 0,  or  not less  than LOCA.   For  example,
 KARID2(5HHELLO,LOC,5,2HLO,1,2) returns the value 4 if LOC  =
 1,2,3, or 4, since  the second string  begins at the  fourth
 position in the first  string. If LOC  is outside the  range
 1..4, then 0 is returned.
          This function  was  not  present  in  the  original
 proposal, and  has  been  missed  at  times.   It  has  been
 officially added on 18-Jan-83.