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 The "R" command is a prefix for the "K" and "S" commands

 (*Note K: K-command)  (*Note S: S-command)

 which selects a regular expression search 

 (*Note R: Regular-expression-search) 

 instead of an ordinary string search.  This allows more general pattern
 matching than simple string matching.  The "R" command can be used with
 the ">" and "<" direction setting  commands as well.  For example,  the
 equivalent commands  ">RS[A-M][o-z]" and  "R>S[A-M][o-z]" would  search

 (*Note >: Right-Angle-Command) (*Note <: Left-Angle-Command)

 forwards for a word with an upper case letter A through M followed by a
 lower case letter o through z.   This would match words like  "Austin",
 "Muddle", and "Nowhere".