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 Creating Footnotes:

   A footnote can  be placed anywhere  in the text,  unlike a menu  item
 which must go at  the front of  a line.  A footnote  looks like a  menu
 item except  that it  has "*note"  instead of  "*".  In  addition,  the
 footnote's node name can be terminated by  a ".", as well as by a  ",",
 Tab, or CR.  It  CANNOT be terminated  by a ")",  because ")"'s are  so
 often part  of  node names.   If  you wish  to  enclose a  footnote  in
 parentheses, terminate it with a  period first.  Here are two  examples
 of footnote pointers:

      *Note details: commands.  (see *note 3: Full Proof.)