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 The U command

   Congratulations!  This is FOO-Node.  Unlike the other nodes you  have
 seen, this one has  an "Up".  It  is "Help-M", the  node you just  came
 from via the  "M" command.   That is the  usual convention  - a  node's
 subnodes have "Up"'s pointing back at it.  Menus move Down in the tree,
 and Up moves Up.  Previous, on the other hand, is usually used to "stay
 on the same level but go backwards".

   You can go  back to the  node Help-M  by typing the  command "U"  for
 "Up".  That will  put you at  the FRONT of  the node -  to get back  to
 where you were reading you will have to type some Spaces.

 >> Now type "U" to move back up to Help-M.