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 The following commands are available (letter case does not matter,
 except in regular expression searches):

 Q      quit from INFO system          H,?    display this help message
 space  next screen                    ^      previous screen
 +      next half screen               -      previous half screen
 B      beginning of this node         E      end of this node
 D      go to directory node           U      go up to this node's 
 N      next node in sequence          P      previous node in sequence
 .      redisplay current screen       L      last node visited before 
 F      go to footnote node            !cmd   pass cmd to operating 
 #nnn   set page size to nnn lines     1 - 9  go to 1st (etc) menu item
 T      type to end of file

 M      display this node's menu  and go to something listed there.
        If you see "* item: node", type Mitem<cr>
 G      go to node.  Type Gnodename<cr>.  Filename may be included.

 <      K and S commands go backward   >      K and S commands go 
 K      show lines with keyword(s)     S      search file for string(s)
 K and S are immediately followed by one or more strings separated by
 OR bars, e.g. one|two|three

 RK     regular expression keywords    RS     regular expression search
 RS and RK are immediately followed by one or more regular expressions
 separated by OR bars, e.g. [a-z]*[0-9]|file[ -]*name

 Strings are remembered, so a blank search string uses the previous one
 Direction commands may prefix search commands, e.g. <Sthree >RKone$|two