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 Return  the  ordinal  position  of  the  single  character  C  in   the
 installation-dependent character set.  The  value is guaranteed to  lie
 in the range 0 ..  N, where N is the number of characters representable
 with the number  of bits  allocated to a  CHARACTER value  on the  host

 On most machines, this will be  equivalent to the FORTRAN 77  intrinsic
 function ICHAR().  However, although  the FORTRAN 77 standard  requires
 ICHAR() to return a non-negative  result for any valid character,  some
 implementations treat  bytes as  signed integers,  and return  negative
 values -127 ..   -1 for positions  128 ..  255.   Others may choose  to
 raise an error  condition if  C contains a  character not  in the  host
 character set.  CHRORD will never do so.