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 The EISPACK  System,  Release  3,  for  solving  eigenvalue  systems  is
 installed on the  College of Science  DECSYSTEM-20 in single  precision,
 double precision, and G-floating  double precision versions.   EISPACK/3
 represents the highest-quality machine-portable software available today
 incorporating the best algorithms for  solving a wide variety of  matrix
 eigenvalue problems.  Development  costs of the  three versions of  this
 package are estimated in the order of $1 million.
 EISPACK/3 was  released  in  the  fall of  1983.   It  removes  all  the
 source-code machine-dependencies  that  were present  in  EISPACK/1  and
 EISPACK/2, and  incorporates  a  number  of  internal  changes  to  many
 routines.   Argument  lists  are  unchanged  from  EISPACK/2,  but  some
 routines may be expected to run 10% to 30% faster on certain machines.
 On the DEC-20, the routines may be loaded for execution as follows:
 				;G-floating DOUBLE PRECISION version
 The  indirect   command   files  SYS:EISPAS.CMD,   SYS:EISPAD.CMD,   and
 SYS:EISPAG.CMD contain library  search specifications  for the  required
 On UNIX, do something like

 f77 -o foo foo.f -leispacks	# single-precision library

 f77 -o foo foo.f -leispackd	# double-precision library

 On VAX VMS, do

 $ link foo.obj,@sys:eispas	# single-precision library
 $ link foo.obj,@sys:eispad	# double-precision library
 $ link foo.obj,@sys:eispag	# G-floating double-precision library

 The EISPACK system is  extremely well-documented in the books
    1)  B.T. Smith, J.M. Boyle, J.J. Dongarra,  B.S.  Garbow,
        Y. Ikebe, V.C. Klema and C.B. Moler, Matrix Eigensys-
        tem Routines - EISPACK Guide, Lecture Notes  in  Com-
        puter Science, Vol. 6, 2-nd Edition, Springer-Verlag,
        Berlin, 1976.
    2)  B.S. Garbow,  J.M.  Boyle,  J.J.  Dongarra  and  C.B.
        Moler,  Matrix  Eigensystem  Routines - EISPACK Guide
        Extension, Lecture Notes in  Computer  Science,  Vol.
        51, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1977.
 Copies of these are available in the College of Science Computer Library
 in 210  South  Physics.   Machine-readable  copies  of  the  source  and
 documentation files are stored offline.  For copies, contact Dr.  Nelson
 H.F. Beebe, x5254.
 Online documentation containing the  leading comments from each  routine
 are available  via  XINFO and  inside  the  EMACS INFO  system  at  node
 EISPACK.  For example, at EXEC command level, type
 or in EMACS, type C-X I G(CLSC).








 On the TOPS-20  and  VAX VMS,  a G-floating  version of the  library is
 available, and  may  be linked as  @SYS:EISPAG.  G-floating is a double
 precision format  with a slighter  smaller fraction  size, and  a wider
 exponent range.

 G-floating arithmetic is not available on UNIX systems.