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Mathematical Biology seminar

Jeffrey A. Weiss, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Bioengineering, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Orthopaedics, Faculty Member, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, University of Utah
"Angiogenesis and the Extracelular Matrix"
April 14, 2004 3:05pm in LCB 215

Angiogenesis, the formation and growth of new blood vessel sprouts from existing vessels, is the process by which the additional vascular elements are formed from an initial vascular plexus. During angiogenesis, previously quiescent endothelial cells are stimulated to exhibit migratory and proliferative phenotypes, leading to the formation of new vessel sprouts. The process of angiogenesis is fundamentally important to the formation of new vasculature during development, wound healing and tumorigenesis. We are using a novel 3D in vitro model of angiogenesis to examine interactions between angiogenic microvessels and the extracellular matrix. The model is based on the isolation and culture of microvessel fragments in a 3D collagen matrix. To quantitatively evaluate the interactions of angiogenic vessels with the extracellular matrix and investigate mechanical interactions at the level of the sprouting microvessel, a mechanical modeling approach is needed that will allow the study of local stresses around growing microvessel sprouts. Further, it is desirable to perform nondestructive quantification and localization of alterations in the structure of the ECM that accompany vessel sprouting. This talk will discuss the mechanical modeling and measurement techniques that are being developed to support this research and the experimental results obtained to date.

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