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Mathematical Biology seminar

Andrew Pullan
Department of Bioengineering, University of Auckland
"Computational and Mathematical Modelling of the Heart and other Organs"
March 22, 2004 (Monday)
3:05pm in LCB 215

In this talk the detailed computational and mathematical heart modelling work being conducted at the University of Auckland will be presented. This work began as an investigation of the mechanics of the heart, with an emphasis on the relationship between the complex fibrous structure of the heart and the beating of the heart. Specialised finite element and graphics software were developed to cope with this problem. The scope of the heart modelling work has expanded significantly in the last decade and includes work on the electrical activity, energy consumption and blood flow within the heart. The work also addresses a range of spatial scales, from the subcellular level right through to the whole organ and body level. The integrative biophysical modelling approach is also being applied to other organs of the body as we work towards creating the virtual human.

For more information contact J. Keener, 1-6089