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Mathematical Biology seminar

Mike Kirby
School of Computing, University of Utah
"Simulation Science: The Modeling of Real-World Problems"
September 17
3:05pm in LCB 225

The solution of real-world computational science and engineering problems requires a knowledge of the application domain, sufficient mathematical sophistication to numerically model the problem through simulation, a breadth of knowledge in high-performance computing techniques to solve the simulation on available hardware, and a familiarity with post-processing and visualization techniques for making sense of the torrent of data produced by your simulation. Simulation science is precisely this endeavor --- the synergy of many different areas so as to solve large real-world problems through computational simulation. In this talk, I will discuss my efforts at accomplishing simulation science. Specifically, I will discuss my work on the use of high-order numerical methods combined with high-performance computing for solving problems in computational fluid dynamics, computation mechanics and in fluid-structure interaction.

For more information contact J. Keener, 1-6089