Mathematical Biology Seminar

Jian Du, Stony Brook
Monday Feb. 5, 2007
4:20pm in LCB 215
"Numerical Study of MHD Effects on Free Surface Liquid Metal Jet with Low Magnetic Reynolds Numbers "

Abstract: A numerical algorithm for the study of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) of free surface flows at low magnetic Reynolds numbers is presented. It employs the method of front tracking for material interfaces, second order Godunov-type hyperbolic solvers, and the Embedded Boundary Method for the elliptic problem in complex domains. The code has been validated through the comparison of numerical simulations of a liquid metal jet in a non-uniform magnetic field with experiments and theory. Simulations of the Muon Collider/Neutrino Factory target will also be discussed, which include mathematical modeling of complex flows undergoing phase transitions.