Mathematical Biology at the University of Utah

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Mathematical Biology 2005-2006

The Mathematical Biology program at the University of Utah will be conducting a mathematical biology research project for undergraduates during the 2005-06 academic year.

We are looking for 1-2 math majors and 1-2 biology majors who are interested in working together in an interdisciplinary group to study the interactions of a tri-trophic system consisting of a plant, herbivore, and parasitoid. In particular, we are interested in studying the chemical defenses of the plant and how the effects on the third (parasitoid) level influence the behavior of the system.

Program Details

All of the students will be involved in both conducting biological experiments and creating mathematical models. Ideally, students will be able to devote 10 hours per week to this project and continue the work in the spring semester. Students must currently be enrolled in or have already taken either Differential Equations (Math 2250 or Math 2280) OR Ecology (Bio 3410 or Bio 3415). Note: It is not necessary to meet both the mathematics and biology requirements.

The stipend is $2,250 per semester.

For more information, contact:

Jon Forde
LCB 315
office phone: (801) 585-7657

To apply, submit the attached form and one letter of recommendation to Jon Forde (LCB 315) or Kathleen Kerr (LCB 214) by ?? A completed application will consist of:

  • Application Form
  • Letter of Recommendation (Have either a mathematics or biology faculty member who is familiar with your work write a letter on your behalf. Please have the faculty member send the letter directly to Janet Andersen. Emailing the letter is fine (

Application for Mathematical Biology REU 2005-06


University ID: _________________________________________

Social Security Number:_________________________________




Academic Major(s):_____________________________________

Year in School: ________________________________________

Are you a U.S. citizen or do you have permanent residency in the U.S.? yes ___ no ____

What are your career goals?

Mathematics/Statistics and/or Biology Background (include grades received in each course):

Previous Experience with Interdisciplinary Work:

Describe why you are interested in this project:

Estimate the amount of time you would be able to dedicate to the REU per week:

Do you anticipate participating: Fall Only _______ Both Fall & Spring: _______

Please note: It is expected that each REU student will prepare a poster or presentation as well as write a project report describing his/her research work.

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