Prerequisite Information

The University of Utah enforces prerequisites for all mathematics courses through the 5000-level.

You will need a permission code to register if:

  • You are meeting the prerequisites with a transfer course that was taken at a college or university outside of Utah (the prerequisite checking software does not recognize out-of-state transfer courses).

  • You need to register for a math course with restricted enrollment (Math 4010, 4015, 4020, 4800), or you are an undergraduate student trying to register for a graduate (6000-level) class.

  • Your AP Calculus scores are more than two years old (please contact the undergraduate advisor for placement information).

  • The math class you want to take is full (submitting a permission code request does not guarantee admission to the class).

  • It is past the add deadline.

If none of the reasons above apply to you, please read the course descriptions and prerequisite information for math classes in the course catalog to find out which math class(es) you are lacking and register for the appropriate math class, according to your eligibility based on the prerequisites. We do not make exceptions to our prerequisites.

Helpful Information:

  • If you have questions about registering for Math 990, please call Continuing Education at 801-585-9963.

  • If you have questions about registering for the Math 10 (Intermediate Algebra Review), Math 15 (Precalculus Review), Math 12 (Calculus I Review), or Math 13 (Calculus II Review and Bridge to Engineering Calculus) workshops, call Continuing Education at 801-581-7155.

  • If you need to schedule a time to take the Accuplacer math placement exam, call the Testing Center at 801-581-8733. You can also read about the exam here.

  • ACT, SAT, and Accuplacer scores expire after two years for math placement purposes. If your test scores are over two years old and you have no other placement information (college math courses or AP scores) you will need to take the Accuplacer exam before you are able to register for a math class.

  • If you are currently enrolled (at the University of Utah) in the prerequisite course for the class you want to take next semester, you do not need a permission code to register. If you do not pass the prerequisite class with a grade of C or better, you will be dropped from the next math class.

The permission code request form will be available through Thursday, August 31 at noon. After that time all permission code requests must be initiated through the instructor.