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Welcome to Mathematics 1010 Online

Your primary source of information on the subject of Intermediate Algebra will be these web pages. All pages have a link on top that gets you back to this page. From here you can reach all other pages for this class.

General Information

  1. The University of Utah
  2. The College of Science
  3. The Department of Mathematics

Subject Matter

The pages below outline the subject matter covered in this class. The list may expand somewhat as the semester unfolds. The pages have cross links. However, you can work through them in the given sequence, except that the first two, Principles, and Glossary, are meant to be referred to as needed.

Some of these web pages are marked as follows:

  1. General Pages
    3. How to Figure Things Out
  2. Review
    1. Arithmetic Precedence
    2. What is Algebra?
    3. The Number System
    4. The Distributive Law
    5. Irrational Numbers
    6. Fractions
    7. The Real Number Line
    8. Intervals
    9. Percent Applications
    10. Never Divide by Zero
  3. Solving Equations and Inequalities
    1. Solving Equations
    2. Linear Equations
    3. Word Problems Applications
    4. Worked Word Problems Applications
    5. Solving Inequalities
    6. Solving Equations Involving Absolute Values
  4. Geometry versus Algebra
    1. The Pythagorean Theorem Applications
    2. The Cartesian (Rectangular) Coordinate System
    3. What's the Point? Interactive Page
    4. Graphs and Equations of Straight Lines
    5. Examples of Line Calculations
    6. Drawing the Line Interactive Page
  5. Functions
    1. Functions
    2. Parabolas
    3. Translating and Scaling Graphs Interactive Page
    4. Conic Sections
  6. Powers and Radicals
    1. Powers
    2. Scientific Notation Applications
    3. Roots and Radicals
    4. Complex Numbers
    5. Scaling Applications
  7. Quadratic Equations
    1. The Binomial Formulas
    2. Quadratic Equations
    3. More on Quadratic Equations
    4. The Quadratic Formula
    5. Throwing Rocks Applications
  8. Polynomials
    1. Polynomials
    2. Working with Polynomials
    3. Long Division and the Euclidean Algorithm
    4. Factoring and Solving Polynomial Equations
  9. Rational Functions and Expressions
    1. Rational Functions and Expressions
  10. Linear Systems of Equations
    1. Linear Systems of Equations
    2. More on Linear Systems of Equations