The sites listed here have been organized into two categories. The first category is General Issues which are sites offering articles and discussions on a comprehensive list of topics in Mathematics Education. The second category is Specific Issues which include articles or sites related to a particular issue in Mathematics Education such as the International Comparisons in Mathematics Education or Reforms in Undergraduate Mathematics Education. Whenever possible links related to both sides of a controversial issue have been provided.

General Issues

The Math Forum, Key Issues for the Mathematics Community The Math Forum New Directions and Issues in Pedagogy AMS, Issues in Mathematics Education MAA two links, Features and Columns.

Specific Issues

Comparisons in Mathematics and Science Education
NAEP National Assessment of Educational Progress Mathematics 2003 Major Results, 4th and 8th grade results since 1990. TIMSS Third International Mathematics and Science Study is a comparison of Mathematics and Science Education across countries. The study presents results on student acheivement, curriculum coverage, classroom experience, and teacher and student educational experience. TIMSS United States This site provides links to data and publications of the results of the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) in the United States. A Study of Three Cultures: Japan, Germany, and the United States (1998), An Overview of the TIMSS Case Study Project by Harold W. Stevenson, University of Michigan Review of Liping Ma's book, Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers' Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States (1999), by Roger Howe, Yale University

Reforms in Mathematics Education, K-12; The NCTM Standards
NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (Electronic overview) Teaching Mathematics Requires Special Set of Skills (2004)Article from Education Week and Teacher Magazine by Debra Viadero Mathematically Sane Site A Source of several interesting articles addressing conflicting viewpoints on current reforms in mathematics education The Math Wars: California Battles It Out Over Math Education Reform- Part I (6/1997) by Allyn Jackson, senior writer and editor of the AMS Notices The Math Wars: California Battles It Out Over Math Education Reform-Part II(7/1997) by Allyn Jackson, senior writer and editor of the AMS Notices Refocusing U.S. Math and Science Education, by Gilbert A. Valverde and William H. Schmidt, U.S. National Research Center for the TIMSS at Michigan State University The Mathematical Miseducation Of America's Youth (1999), by Michael T. Battista, Kent State University Views on High School Mathematics Education, (1996-1997)provides the responses of mathematicians, mathematics educators and teachers of mathematics, to a set of questions on secondary education in mathematics.

Reforms in Undergraduate Mathematics Education
Calculus Reform for the Millions (5/1997) by David Mumford, Harvard University Calculus for the Millions (10/1997)by Klein and Rosen of California State University, Northridge The Mathematical Education of Teachers, published by the American Mathematical Society (AMS), is a report presenting the current thinking on curriculum and policy issues affecting the mathematical education of teachers, with the goal of stimulating efforts on individual campuses to improve programs for prospective teachers. Collaborations in Mathematics between K-12 and University Faculty A Partnership in Mathematics Education (1995) by Anne Roberts, University of Utah The Math Circle (1995) Robert Kaplan Differing Viewpoints on the Teaching of Mathematics (12/1996) by Alan Tucker Mathematicians as Educators (1/1997) by Hyman Bass Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers (1999) by H. Wu, University of California, Berkeley