Department of Mathematics
FRG (Focused Research Group) Conference 2009
Geometry and Dynamics in Surfaces and 3-Manifolds II


Shinpei Baba
   UC Davis and Bonn
Ian Biringer
   U of Chicago and Yale
Martin Bridgeman
   Boston College
Dave Gabai
Joel Hass
   UC Davis
Jeremy Kahn
   Stony Brook
Steve Kerckhoff
Francois Labourie
   Université Paris-Sud
Chris Leininger
Aaron Magid
   U of Michigan and U of Maryland
Jessica Purcell

August 4 − August 7, 2009
Sponsored by the National Science Foundation
FRG Conference Last Year

Ken Bromberg (Utah)
Jeff Brock (Brown)
Dick Canary (Michigan)
Yair Minsky (Yale)

Location:Treasure Mountain Inn, Park City (map)

Transportation from Salt Lake Airport to Park City

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