paste - merge lines of files


paste [-s] [-d delim-list] [--serial] [--delimiters=delim-list] [--help] [--version] [file...]


This manual page documents the GNU version of paste. paste prints lines consisting of sequentially corresponding lines of each given file, separated by TABs, terminated by a newline. If no files are given, the standard input is used. A file name of `-' means standard input.


-s, --serial
Paste the lines of one file at a time rather than one line from each file.
-d, --delimiters delim-list
Consecutively use the characters in delim-list instead of TAB to separate merged lines. When delim-list is exhausted, start again at its beginning.
Print a usage message and exit with a status code indicating success.
Print version information on standard output then exit.