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configure --- prepare source code to be built


configure HOST [--target=TARGET] [--srcdir=DIR] [--rm] [--site=SITE] [--prefix=DIR] [--exec_prefix=DIR] [--program_prefix=DIR] [--tmpdir=DIR] [--with-PACKAGE[=YES/NO]] [--without-PACKAGE] [--enable-FEATURE[=YES/NO]] [--disable-FEATURE] [--norecursion] [--nfp] [-s] [-v] [-V | --version] [--help]


configure is a program used to prepare souce code to be built. It does this by generating Makefiles and .gdbinit files, creating symlinks, recursing in subdirectories, and some other miscellaneous file editing.


configure accepts the following options:
Requests that the sources be configured to target the TARGET machine. If no target is specified explicitly, the target is assumed to be the same as the host.
tells configure to find the source in DIR. Object code is always built in the current directory, `.'.
asks configure to remove a configuration rather than create one.
asks configure to use any site-specific Makefile fragments for SITE when building Makefiles.
sets the location in which to install files to DIR. The default is "/usr/local".
sets the root directory for host-dependent files to DIR. The default location is the value of prefix.
configures the source to install programs which have the same names as common Unix programs, such as "make", in DIR. Also applies to programs which might be used for cross-compilation.
sets the directory in which configure creates temporary files to DIR.
sets a flag for the build to recognize that PACKAGE is explicitly present or not present. If \=YES/NO is nonexistent, the default is YES. --without-PACKAGE is equivalent to --with-PACKAGE=no.
sets a flag for the build to recognize that FEATURE should be included or not included. If \=YES/NO is nonexistent, the default is YES. --disable-FEATURE is equivalent to --enable-FEATURE=no.
asks that only the current directory be configured. Normally configure recurs on subdirectories.
Notifies configure that all of the specified hosts have no units.
used internally by configure to supress status messages on subdirectory recursions. Override with -v
verbose output. Asks that configure print status lines for each directory configured. Normally, only the status lines for the current directory are printed.
-V prints configure version number.
displays a brief usage summary.


configure.in for each directory's individual needs

Makefile.in Makefile template

config.sub for parsing configuration names

config.guess for guessing HOST when not specified

config.status non-recursively rebuilds current directory


a.out the namelist and text space.

gmon.out dynamic call graph and profile.

gmon.sum summarized dynamic call graph and profile.


` configure ' entry in info.