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Preparing a Successful Grant Proposal

A Summary of 
the GSAC Colloquium
on Sept. 4, 2001
Presented Jointly by

Aaron Bertram, Graeme Milton,
Cindi Phillips & Anurag Singh

Comments from the Audience

Please follow the above links to see each speaker's portion
of the presentation or the comments from the audience.

Portion presented by Anurag Singh

Grant Applications for Instructors

Read sample (successful) proposals.
There are some available at Cindi Phillips's office.  See also the main page of this summary.

Make use of the Young Mathematicians Network's archive of successful grant proposals:

Read the article Some Hints on Mathematical Style by David Goss for comments on general mathematical writing.  The article can be obtained at

General tips for writing a grant proposal:

  • Define all special terms you use.
  • Minimize use of abbreviations.
  • Make your proposal easily readable, for example, by including examples.
  • Demonstrate you are competent to tackle the proposed problems.
  • Propose a variety of problems, tied together with one theme.

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