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Preparing a Successful Grant Proposal

A Summary of 
the GSAC Colloquium
on Sept. 4, 2001
Presented Jointly by

Aaron Bertram, Graeme Milton,
Cindi Phillips & Anurag Singh

Comments from the Audience

Please follow the links above to see each speaker's portion
of the presentation or the comments from the audience.

Examples of Successful Proposals

A folder containing examples of successful NSF proposals and successful NSF postdoc applications is in Cindi Phillips' office.  Anyone in the Department is welcome to borrow this folder, and please feel free to do so even if you are not currently in the process of writing a proposal or NSF postdoc application. 

Thanks go to:
Aaron Bertram, Jim Carlson, Herb Clemens, Aaron Fogelson, Ken
Golden, Graeme Milton, Gordon Savin, Anurag Singh,
and Domingo Toledo for adding their proposals to this file,
and to Klaus Schmitt, Jim Carlson, David Eyre,
Hugo Rossi and Gordon Savin for adding the VIGRE proposal. 

Thanks also go to:
Renzo Cavalieri, Kenneth Chu and Matthew Rudd
for preparing the web version of this summary.

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