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Preparing a Successful Grant Proposal

A Summary of 
the GSAC Colloquium
on Sept. 4, 2001
Presented Jointly by

Aaron Bertram, Graeme Milton,
Cindi Phillips & Anurag Singh

Comments from the Audience

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of the presentation or the comments from the audience.

Comments from the Audience

Jim Carlson:
The length of the review process for a grant proposal varies considerably.  On average it takes six to eight months to complete; the applicant usually hears from the NSF in the Spring semester for a proposal submitted in the Fall.

Jim Carlson:
Talk with others in your field.  Go to conferences to have discussions with other experts.  This is an excellent way to generate new research ideas.

Kenneth Golden:
The reviewers may hold very different views from the grant applicant's.  In that case, even an excellent proposal may be reviewed unfavorably.   One should not be disencouraged when that happens.  Keep on making proposals.

Kenneth Golden:
Propose boldly.  Propose things that are promising to be worthwhile.  Think big.  It may not be enough to impress the reviewers by proposing items that amount to cleaning up certain details of a newly finished doctoral thesis, or minor advancements of results that are already well known.

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