Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC) Colloquium

Graduate Colloquium

Spring 2019
Tuesdays, 4:35–5:35 PM, JWB 335
Math 6960–001
(credit hours available!)

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Jan 9

Quivers, representations, stability, and moduli spaces

Marin Petkovic

Note the special date. Classification problem is one of the biggest open problems in algebraic geometry. In some cases, this problem is equivalent to classifying quiver representations. In this talk I will give a brief introduction to quivers, their representations, and a notion of stability. If time permits, I will illustrate the connection to geometry with some examples.

Jan 16

Poetry That Computes

China Mauck

Note the special date. Poetry and mathematics share many elements. Both require a certain amount of elegance, are sometimes formulaic, and are often riddled with hidden meanings. Some would argue that poets and mathematicians even share an overarching goal. We will consider the history of this interweaving of two seemingly opposing subjects and their surprising common ground.

Jan 22

Graduate student forum on teaching

Kelly MacArthur

This event is an open dialogue with Kelly MacArthur for feedback, questions, and concerns about the teaching requirement for PhD students. The goal of this dialogue is to discuss things that are or are not working, and how the department might improve things going forward. This is also an opportunity to ask why the department does things in a certain way (for example, ""Why are the classes so tightly supervised/coordinated?"), assuming that Kelly knows the answer. If you're nervous to voice a particular opinion or you have a question that you don't feel comfortable asking in front of everyone, please write your comment or question on a sheet of paper and put it in Kelly's box anonymously.

Jan 29

Matt Smith

Feb 5

Christian Klevdal

Feb 12

George Domat

Feb 19

AWM Lecture series

Feb 26

Bridget Fan

Mar 5

Nathan Willis

Mar 19

Cody Fitzgerald

Mar 26

Mitchell Meyer

Apr 2

Sean Groathouse

Apr 9

Cameron Zhao

Apr 16

Micro talks

Apr 23

Organizational meeting