Department of Mathematics
PhD Recipients

The Department of Mathematics has awarded over 210 Ph.D degrees since 1954, and 93 Ph.D. since 1987 -- an average of about 6 per year. Most former students hold positions in state and private universities, and several hold non-academic positions. The thesis topic, advisor, first position, and most recent position are listed below.

In a recent study of the National Research Council (Chronicle of Higher Education, September 22, 1995) we ranked 36th out of 139 US Math departments in the quality of our faculty and the effectiveness of our Ph.D. program. Applicants come from abroad and across the nation.

Ph. D. Degrees

Name Year Area Advisor Current Activities
Cavalieri, Renzo 2005 Algebraic Geometry Bertram Postdoc
University of Michigan
Le, An 2005 PDEs Schmitt MSRI
Utah State University
Sato, Fumitoshi 2005 Algebraic Geometry Bertram Korean Institute for Advanced Study
Guy, Robert 2004 Math Biology Fogelson FRG Postdoc
University of Utah
Kohler, Brynja 2004 Math Biology Keener Assistant Professor
Utah State University
Koizumi, Eiko 2004 PDEs Schmitt Professor
Internet University
Lukic, Denis 2004 Rep Theory Milicic Lecturer
Northwestern University
Peipmeyer, Greg 2004 Algebra P. Roberts Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska
Robbins, Thomas 2004 Math Ecology Lewis Postdoc
University of Utah
Alibegovic, Emina 2003 Geometric Group Theory M. Bestvina Assistant Professor
University of Michigan
Mustata, Anca 2003 Algebraic Geometry Clemens Postdoc
University of British Columbia
Mustata, Dragos A. 2003 Algebraic Geometry Bertram Postdoc
University of British Columbia
Rudd, Matthew 2003 PDEs Schmitt VIGRE Postdoc
University of Texas at Austin
Cogan, Nicholas 2002 Math Biology Keener Professor
Tulane University
Deraux, Martin 2002 Complex Geometry Toledo Professor
Universite de Grenoble
Hwang, Sonjong 2002 Topology Kapovich
Thornton, Blake 2002 Geometric Topology Kleiner Professor
Washington University in St. Louis
Yoon, Sung Yil 2002 Topology M. Bestvina Hanyang University
South Korea
Cytrynbaum, Eric 2001 Math Physiology Keener Assistant Professor
University of British Columbia
Dumett, Miguel 2001 PDEs Keener Assistant Professor
University of Southern California
Hohn, Michael 2001 Numerical Analysis Folias Livermore National Labs
Berkeley, CA
Kong, Jian 2001 Algebraic Geometry Bertram Research Associate Scientist
Johns Hopkins University
Kucuk, Ismail 2001 Applied Mathematics A. Cherkaev Professor
American University of Sharjah
Lim, Chong-Keat Arthur 2001 Representation Theory Milicic Visitng Professor
University of Arizona
Xie, Xiangdong 2001 Geometric Group Theory Kleiner Visiting Professor
University of Cincinnati
Yi, Chung Seon 2001 Math Biology Fogelson
Brinkmann, Peter 2000 Geometric Group Theory Gersten Professor
Technische Universitat Berlin
Chan, Chin-Yi 2000 Algebra P. Roberts Assistant Professor
University of Arkansas
Grabovsky, Irina 2000 Statistics Horvath Psychometric Associate
National Board of Medical Examiners
Sather-Wagstaff, Sean 2000 Commutative Algebra P. Roberts Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Yu, Haoyu 2000 Math Biology Fogelson Data Mining Consultant
University of Minnesota
Bogar, Kristina A. 1999 Applied Math Keener Lockheed Martin
Denver, CO
Harris, Charles R. 1999 Analysis Tucker MIT Labs
Jacobsen, Jon T. 1999 PDEs Schmitt Assistant Professor
Harvey Mudd College
Jones, Elizabeth 1999 Commutative Algebra Roberts Assistant Professor
Indiana State University
Tziolas, Nicolaus 1999 Algebraic Geoemtry Kollár Professor
University of Cypress
Yoshikawa, Toshio 1999 Fluid Dynamics Balk Postdoc
Academy of Sciences, Taiwan
Chen, Chi-Kan 1998 Applied Math Fife Assistant Professor
University of Central Arkansas
Fletcher, Jeffrey L. 1998 Group Theory Gersten Professor
BYU Idaho
Kuharsky, Andrew 1998 Math Biology Fogelson QuantLab Financial
Houston, TX
Kuwata, Takayasu 1998 Applied Math Kollár Tokyo Denki University
Lewis, Timothy J. 1998 Applied Math Keener Postdoct
Courant Institute
Macura, Natasa 1998 Topology Bestvina Assistant Professor
Trinity University
Marland, Eric S. 1998 Math Biology Keener Assistant Professor
Appalachian State University
Mineyev, Igor 1998 Toplogy Gersten Assistant Professor
University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign
Xie, Min 1998 Math Biology Othmer Lynden Corporation
Chan, Hsungrow 1997 Differential Geometry Treibergs Professor
National Ping Tung College
Lee, Yongnan 1997 Algebraic Geometry Clemens Professor
Pohang University, Korea
Mayer, Richard 1997 Algebraic Geometry Carlson
Smithies, Laura Ann 1997 Representation Theory Taylor Professor
Kent State University
Spiro, Peter A. 1997 Math Biology Othmer Incyte Genomics
Palo Alto, CA
Wang, Nien-Tzu 1997 Applied Math Fogelson


Burillo, Jose
Group Theory, Gertsen
Dimension and Fundamental Groups of Asymptotic Cones
Tufts University
Chen, Shirnping
Geometry, Toledo
Examples of N-Step Nilpotent 1-Formal 1-Minimal Models
Triology Technologies Inc., Taiwan
Ciocan-Fontainine, Ionut
Algebraic Geometry, Bertram
The Quantum Cohomology Ring of Flag Varieties
Post Doc at Oklahoma State
Boaz Instructor at Northwestern Univ.
Dallon, John Carlile
Math Biology, Othmer
A Mathematical Study of Chemotaxis in Dictyostelium Discoideum
Wardwick University, England
Serbinowski, Monika
Probability Theory, Horvath
Some Limit Results in Change-point Analysis
University of California-San Diego
Weber State University


Castro, Alberto
Geometry, Toledo
Tetrahedral Groups in Complex Hyperbolic Space
Mt. Holyoke College
Amherst College
Chmaj, Adam J.
Applied Math, Fife
Traveling Waves in Multicomponent Reaction-Diffusion Systems: Existence, Uniqueness, and Stability
Brigham Young Univ., Post Doctoral
Brigham Young University
Dang, Ha Thi Minh
Applied Math, Fife
Stability and Boundary Layer Properties of Solutions of Cahn-Hilliard Equations
Univ. of Utah
Kovacs, Sandor Jozsef
Algebraic Geometry, Kollár
The Cone of Curves of K3 Surfaces and Families of Varieties of General Type
MIT, Cambridge , MA
Univ. of Chicago
Le, Vy Khoi
Partial Differential Equations, Schmitt
On Global Bifurcation for Variational Inequalities
University of Colorado
University of Missouri
Ma, Lingyun
Probability Theory, Horvath
Multinomial Change-Point Problems
University of Georgia
University of Georgia
Mayer, Uwe F.
Differential Geometry, Korevaar
Gradient Flows on Nonpositively Curved Metric Spaces
Brown University
Vanderbilt University
Pandzic, Pavle
Representation Theory, Milicic
Equivariant Analogues of Zuckerman Functors
MIT, Cambridge MA
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Sawicz, Romuald
Materials, Golden
Bounds on Effective Parameters of Composit Materials By The Analytic Continuation Method
Univ. of Minnesota
Serbinowski, Thomasz
Differential Geometry, Korevaar
Harmonic Maps Into Metric Spaces With Curvature Bounded Above
University California-Irvine
State of Utah Insurance Commissioner Office
Shalla, Robert
Representation Theory, Milicíc
The Irreducibility of Standard Modules for Weakened Harish-Chandra Sheaves
Bronx College
Lehman Brothers, New York
Van Kirk, Robert Welsh
Math Biology, Lewis
Integrodifference Models of Biological Growth and Dispersal
Henry's Fork Foundation, Idaho


Bernasconi, Aldo A.
Group Theory, Gertsen
On HNN-Extensions and the Complexity of the Word Problem for One-Relator Groups
Chile (not in academia)
Bratten, Timothy Clark
Representation Theory, Hecht
Realizing Representations on a Generalized Flag Manifold
Univ. of Patagonia, Argentina
Univ. of Patagonia, Argentina
Kasparian, Azniv Kirkor
Algebaric Geometry, Carlson
Variations of Hodge Structure of Maximal Dimension with Associated Hodge Numbers H2,0>2 and H1,1=2Q+1
University of Sofia
O'Reilly, Michael John
Numerical Analysis, Stenger
An Approximate Solution of the Inverse Helmholtz Equation


Dillon, Robert H.
Math Biology, Othmer
A Mathematical Model of Vertebrate Limb Development with Modulated Reaction and Diffusion
Tulane University
He, Ming
Probability Theory, Ethier
Generators, Metric Structures, and Approximations for Measure-Valued Stochastic Processes
Weber State
Sears Roebuck
Kim, Joo-Mok
Probability Theory, Mason
Series Representations of Stochastic Integral Processes and the Holder Continuity of a-stable Processes
University of South Korea
McGough, Jeff
Partial Differential Equations, Schmitt
On solution continua in quasilinear elliptic problems
University of Nevada, Reno
South Dakota School of Mines
Szabó, Endre
Algebraic Geometry, Kollár
Complete Intersection Subvarieties of General Hypersurfaces and Divisoral Log Terminal Singularities
Univ. of Bayreuth
Tang, Yuanhua
Math Biology, Othmer
Theoretical Stufies on Second Messenger Dynamics
Cornell University
Westhoff, Randall Fred
Algebraic Geometry, Clemens
Curves and Normal Functions on Higher Dimensional Complex Varieties
Bemidji State University, Minnesota


Conner, Gregory Ralph
Group Theory, Gersten
Metrics on Groups
Brigham Young University
Brigham Young University
Corti, Allessio
Algebraic Geometry, Kollár
Families of Del Pezzo Surfaces
Oxford or Cambridge
Eyre, David Jay
Applied Math, Fife
The Dynamics of Patterns for Two Phase Separation Equations
University of Utah
Eyre, Val Jay
Applied Math, Fife
The Dynamics of Patterns for Two Phase Separation Equations
University of Minnesota
University of Utah
Ma, Tina Seaon
Probability Theory, Mason
Some Goodness-of-fit Indices and Their Distributions in Structural Equation Models
Pharmaco LSR Inc., Texas
White, Paula Denise
Group Theory, Gross
Nonsolvable Hall ¼-Subgroups of the General Linear Group
Westminster College
Local computer firm
Yin, Guangyan
Numerical Analysis, Stenger


Candia, Mario Ricardo
Represnetation Theory, Hecht
Analytic Completion of Highest Weight Modules
Industry (actuary) Insurance
Devoto, Jorge Andres
Topology, Braam
Finite Group Actions and Elliptic Genera
Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires
Ferguson, Kenneth
Topology, Stern
A Constructive Approach to the SU(2) Witten Invariant
Grant, Christopher Prince
Applied Math, Fife
The Dynamics of Pattern Selection for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation
Brigham Young University
Izadi, Elham
Algebraic Geometry, Clemens
On the Moduli Space of Four-dimensional Principally Polarized Abelian Varieties
University of Georgia
Kinyon, Michael Kenneth
Differential Equations, Tucker
The Adjoint Problem for Coupled Linear Operations
Indiana University Southbend
Ma , Yonghao
Commutative Algebra, Roberts
A Division Algorithm Over 2(x) and the First Syzygies of Determinantal Ideals
Southwest Texas State University
Working as a Statistical Consultant
Wiskin, James Walter
Applied Math, Johnson
Geometric and Integral Equation Methods for Scattering in Layered Media
University of Utah


De Young, Gary Wayne
Math Biology, Othmer
The Mathematical Basis for Phase Response Curves and Their Application to Coupled Oscillators
The King's University College
Li , Ya
Math Biology, Keener
Asymptomatic Behavior of Solutions of the Non-linear Parabolic Differential Equations
Utah Valley Community College
Lundstrom, Ronald
Probability Theory and Genetics, Tavare
Stochastic Models and Statistical Methods for DNA Sequence Data
Cimarron Software, Salt Lake City, Utah
Sirvent, Maritza L.
Numerical Analysis, Alfeld
The Dimension of the Space of Multivariate Splines
Tec de Monterrey, Campus Leon


Austin, David Michael
Topology, Stern
SO(3)-Instantions on L(p,q) x R
Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton (NSF Fellow)
Univ. of British Columbia
Lamoneda, Luis Hernandez
Geometry, Toledo
Maximal Representations of Surface Groups in the Group of Isometries of a Bounded Symmetric Domain
University of Chicago
Centro deInvest. enMatematicas, Mexico
Phelps, Frederick Martin
Math Biology, Keener
The Substitutional Genetic Load and the Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution
Postdoc at Oxford University, England
Alm Ata, Kazakstan
Reyes, Jesús Jiménz
Algebraic Geometry, Clemens
Contraction of Nonsingular Curves in Analytic Spaces
Univ. of California-Riverside
Prof. small college in Southern California


Bozicevic, Mladen
Representation Theory, Milicic
A Geometric Construction of a Resolution of the Fundamental Series
Rutgers University
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Joyce, Paul Joseph
Probability and Genetics, Tavare
Age-ordered Distributions for Population Genetics Models
University of So. California, Los Angeles
Koetter, Manfred
, Schmitt
Free boundary value problems for stationary Navier-Stokes equations
University of Bremen
Oldenburg Pipeline Corp.
Nordhaus, Thomas
, Keener
Echo-cycles in Coupled Fitzhugh Nagumo Equations

Returned to Germany
Stromberg, Mark R.
Numerical Analysis, Stenger
Solution of Shock Problems by Methods Using Sinc Functions
Texas Tech. University
Walker, James Davidson
Applied Math, Folias
Waves and Cracks in Composites
Southwest Research Inst., Texas
Zabcic, Miljenko
Representation Theory, Hecht
Geometry of Discrete Series
MIT, Cambridge
Univ. of Georgia
Zinner, Bertram
Math Biology, Keener
Traveling Wavefront Solutions for the Discrete Nagumo Equation
Auburn University


Arner , Paul R.
CAGD, Barnhill
Another Look at Surface/Surface Intersection
SDRC, Ohio
Barry, Phillip Jerome
CAGD, Barnhill
Urn Models, Recursive Curve Schemes, and Computer Aided Geometric Design
Univ. of Waterloo, Canada
Bialecki, Bernard
Numerical Analysis, Stenger

Univ. of Kentucky
Chen, Roger Roul-Chwian
Differential Geometry, Li
Eigenvalue Estimate on a Compact Riemannian Manifold
Univ. of Toledo
Dockery, Jack Donald
Math Biology, Keener
Diffusive Effects on Dispersion for a System of Reaction Diffusion Equations
Utah State University
Montana State
Harris, Greg A.
Parital Differential Equations, Schmitt
Semilinear Elliptic Problems with Nonhomogeneous Boundary Conditions
Auburn University
Auburn University
Lakos , Nela
Partial Differential Equations, Schmitt
Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Semilinear Elliptic Equations
Ohio State University
Ohio State University
Malm, Dennis R.
Noncoummutative Algebra, Goodearl
Schmidt Defferential Operator Rings
Northwest Missouri State Univ.
Piper, Bruce Roger
CAGD, Barnhill
Piecewise Polynomials Over Triangles
Rensselaer Polytechnic.
Watanabe, Masaji
Math Biology, Othmer
Bifurcation of Invariant Tori and Periodic Solutions in Systems of Coupled Oscillators
Stutgaard University, Germany
Woodward, Diana Elizabeth
Math Biology, Hoppensteadt
Patterns of Phase-Locking in Networks with Cyclic Group Symmetries
Michigan State University


Albano, Alberto
Algebraic Geometry, Clemens
Infinite Generation of the Griffiths Group: A Local Proof
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
University of Torino, Italy
Burnette, Kurt Richard
Topology, Stern
The Casson and Gordon Ribbon Invariants are Slice Invariants

Garcia-Reimbert, Catherine
Math Biololgy, Hoppensteadt
Stable Synchronization Waves in Neural Networks and Traveling Waves in Glassy Polymers
Universidad Nacional Auto. de Mexico
Little, Frank Ford
CAGD, Barnhill
Triangular Surfaces
Lockheed-California Co., Burbank
Matic, Gordano
Topology, Stern
SO(3) Connections and Rational Homology Cobordisms
Massachusettes Institute Tech., Cambridge
Univ. of Georgia, Athens
Mirkovic, Ivan
Representation Theory, Milicic
Classification of Irreducible Tempered Representations of Semisimple Groups
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Univ. Mass, Amherst
Muhasky, Jerry L.
Noncommutative Algebra, Goodearl
The Differential Operator Ring of an Affine Curve
University of Washington, Seattle
Thuong, Tran Van
Topology, Stern
The Fibered-Preserving Unknotting Theorem for FP R (infinity)-pl d-Embeddings
University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN
Missouri Southern State College
Whelan, Tracy Margaret
CAGD, Barnhill
Geodesic Curves on Rectangular Polynomial Bézier Surface Patches
Control Data Corp., Arden Hills, MN


Jordan, Michael Charles
CAGD, Barnhill
Multivariate Shape Preserving Approximation
PUC de Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Pulte, Michael
Algebraic Geometry, Carlson
The Fundamental Group of a Riemann Surface: Mixed Hodge Structures and Algebraic Cycles
Univ. of Arkansas, Little Rock
Rescorla, Kim L.
Numerical Analysis, Alfeld
Multivariate Interpolation
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI
Prof. at 2-year college in Michigan


Jensen, Thomas William
CAGD, Barnhill
Blending Surfaces from Surfaces
Evans & Sutherland, SLC


Collingwood, David H.
Representation Theory, Hecht
Marish-Chandra Modules with the Unique Embedding Property
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ
University of Washington
Luminet, Denis Laurent
Analysis, Taylor
A Dunctional Calculus for Branch Algebras with Polynomial Identities
Univ. of Brussels, Belgium
Stone, William Dean
Math Biology, Hoppensteadt
Weakly Coupled Systems of Differential Delay Equations
University of California, Davis


Ceresa, Giuseppe
Algebraic Geometry, Clemens
C is Not Algebraically Equivalent to (-C) in its Jacobian
University of Torino, Italy
University of Rome II, Italy
Hoste, Jim
Topology, Stern
Sewn-up r-Link Exteriors
FSF Research Fellow, Courant Inst. NY
Schindler, Frantisek
Partial Differential Equations, Schmitt
Boundary value problems for nonlinear elliptic and parabolic systems
University of Miami
IBM Research
Sikorski, Krzysztof
Numerical Analsysis, Stenger
Optimal Solution of Nonlinear Equations
Columbia University, NY


Cantrell, Robert Stephen
Partial Differential Equations, Schmitt
Multiparameter Bifurcation Problems: A Degree Theoretic Approach
Univ. Texas, San Marcos
Univ. of Miami
Martin, Jorge Mariano
Topology, Rushing
On Inverse Limits of Bundle Maps
Naval Weapons Research, China Lake, CA
Savage, Richard Preston
Geometry, Toledo
The Space of Positive Definite Matrices and Gromov's Invariant
Moorehead State University
Tennessee Tech. University


Morley, David John
Numerical Analysis, Stenger
On the Convergence of a Newton-like Method in the Approximation of Closed Convex Surfaces
Linfield College, McMinnville, OR
Morse, Peter Farnsworth
Partial Differential Equations, Schmitt
Existence and Convergence Resulys for Some Nonlinear Second Order Difference Equations
Texaco Research
Texaco Research
Peimbert, Luis Montejano
Topology, Rushing
b-Monotopy Equivalences have a-cross Sections
Institute de Matematicas, Cindad universitaria, Mexico


Emerson, William David
Analysis, Brooks
On the Spectra of Holomorphic Function Algebras
Texas Tech. University
Metropolitan State College of Denver
Herron, Gary Joseph
CAGD, Barnhill
Triangular and Multisided Patch Schemes
Boeing Co., Seattle, WA
Tucker, Carolyn Connell
Applied Math, Wilcox
Spectral Analysis of Diffraction by an Aperture in a Plane Screen
Computing Center, Univ. of Utah
Ward, Michael Bryce
Group Theory, Scott
Solvability of Factorizable Groups
Buchnell Univ., Lewisburg, PA


Chiu, Yu-Hsing
Numerical Analysis, Stenger
A Rapidly Convergent Numerical Technique for Solving dU + K2U=0 in the Exterior of a Planar Domain
Weber State University
Lawrence Livermoore Lab
Schmitz, David Ray
Complex Analysis, Rossi
Hilbert Spaces of Vector Valved Holomorphic Functions Defined by Degenerate Weights
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
Computer Co. in Denver
Smith, William Victor
Functional Analysis, Tucker
Convergence Theorems and Vector Valued Measures in Topological Vector Spaces
University of Mississippi
Brigham Young University
Tarabay, Ajaj A.
Analysis, Brooks
Local and Global Analysis on Branched Analytic Covers
Texas Tech. University
Vittitow, Wiliam Linn
CAGD, Barnhill
Interpolation to Arbitrarily Spaced Data
Lockheed Aircraft, Burbank, CA
Eds Unigraphics


Gilliam, David Sexton
Functional Analysis, Maynard
On Integration and the Radon-Nikodym Theorem in Quasicomplete Locally Convex Topological Vector Spaces
Texas Tech. University
Hagood, John William
Probability Theory, Mason
Existence of Solutions of an Operator Valued Feyman-Kac Formula
Murray State Univ., Murray Kentucky
Northern Arizona University
Jackson, Dennis
Applied Math, Wilcox
Scattering Theory for Perturbations of the Pekeris Waveguide
Florida Inst. of Technology, Melbourne
Kearfott, Ralph Baker
CAGD, Stenger
Computing the Degree of Maps and a Generalized Method of Bisection
Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette
Matsumoto, Allen
Topology, Rushing
Obstruction Theory for Shape Fibrations With Applications to Cell-like Maps
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
McMillan, Thomas Carl
Topology, Rushing
Cell-like Maps Which are Shape Fibrations
Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte
Radford University
Smith, Roy C.
Algebraic Geometry, Clemens
On the Degree of the Prym Mapping from Curves of Genus Six to Abelian Varieties of Dimension Five.
University of Georgia, Athens
Prof., University of Georgia


Bates, Peter William
Applied Math, Gustafson
Projection Methods for Nonlinear Nodal Problems
Univ Texas-Austin
Chair, Dept. of Math BYU
Raeburn, Iain
Analysis, Taylor
The Relationship Between a Commutative Banach Algebra and Its Maximal Ideal Space
Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, Nova Scotia


Dube, Roland Peyer
CAGD, Barnhill
Local Schemes for Computer Aided Geometric Design
University of Maine
Boeing Corporation
Gage, Thomas Walter
Numerical Analysis, Stenger
Minimax Approximations Via Least Squares
Brigham Young University
Grady, Michael Dale
Probability Theory, Mason
Sufficient Conditions for an Operator Valued Feynman-Kac Formula
Loyola-Marymount Univ., Los Angeles
Kratz, Lawrence John
Numerical Analysis, Stenger
Reducing Dimensionality in Integrating Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
Idaho State University
Lee, Tai-Chi
Differential Equations, Willett
Boundary Value Problems for Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications to Singular Perturbation Problems [a,b] (-ƒ,ƒ)
Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge
Lien , Vo Thanh
Topology, Rushing
Embeddings of Shape Classes of Closed Mani folds
Louisiana State Univ. Baton Rouge
Tsai, Long-Yi
Partial Differential Equations, Schmitt
Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Parabolic Differential Equations
Mucha University, Teipei
National Cheng-Chi Univ. Taipei
Venema, Gerard Alan
Topology, Rushing
Weak Flatness for Shape Classes
Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ
Walls, Gary Lee
Group Theory, Scott
Products of Finite Simple Groups
University So. Mississippi


Benson, Frederick Oscar
Topology, Rushing
Flattening Criteria for Embeddings of Codimension One Spheres
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Nuzman, Dwayne W.
Differential Equations, Tucker
Equations of Evolution in Topological Vector Spaces
Longwood College, Farmville, VA
Natick Labs


Coray, Chris Stone
Analysis, Gearhart
Minimum Norm Differential Approximation
Idaho State University
Knop, Larry Edward
Group Theory, Scott
Factorizable Groups
Hamilton College
Liddell, Michail James
Analysis, Taylor
Separable Topological Algebras
Univac, SLC
Peterson, Fredric Grant
GroupTheory, Gross
Properties of Multifactorizable Groups
BYU Business School
BYU Business School
Pilcher, David Trevor
CAGD, Barnhill
Smooth Approximation of Parametric Curves and Surfaces
Hercules, Inc., Magna, UT
Alliant Techsystems
Thompson, Russell Clark
Partial Differential Equations, Schmitt
Boundary Value Problems for Differential Equations in Banach Spaces
Northern Illinois University
Utah State University


Allinger, Glenn David
Nuermical Analysis, Weinstein
Spline Approximate Solutions to Linear Initial Value Problems
Montana State University
Kennedy, Euel Wayne
Differential Equations, Willett
Disconjugacy and Asymptotic Behavior of Weakly Triangular Systems
Simon Bolivar Univ. Carocos, Venezuela
CA Polytechnic State Univ.
Parker, Stephen Kent
Complex Analysis, Derrick
On the Space of Quasiconformally Piecewise Projectable Domains
Idaho State University


Bierman, Orville Lloyd
Topology, Rushing
Monotone Union and Monotone Intersection Properties of Manifolds
Wisconsin State University
Heal, Earl Robert
Analysis, Brooks
Peak Sets for Uniform F-algebras
Utah State University
Utah State University
Olson, Christopher E.
Probability Theory,
Convergence Rates for the Central Limit Theorem for Random Sums

Sipinen, Frederick
Geometry, Demils
Module Relationships Between Teichmuller Rings in Space and in the Plane
Olympic College, Bremerton, WA
Wixom, James Arthur
Numerical Analysis, Barnhill
Numerical Integration and Interpolation of Analytic Functions on N-Connected Domains
General Motors Research Lab, Detroit


Dors, Allen George
Analysis, Brooks
On the Spectrum of an F-Algebra
Eastern Washing State College
MIT-Lincoln Lab
Franke, Richard Homer
Numerical Analysis, Barnhill
Othogonal Polynomials and Approximate Multiple Integration
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
Harris, Robert Michael
Analysis, Weinstein
Uniform Approximation of Function: Approximation by Partitioning
The Aerospace Corporation
Lund, Max Robert
DifferentialEquations, Schmitt
Almost Periodic Solutions of Differential Equations With Deviating Arguments
US Air Academy, Univ. of Alaska
Now retired
Nielson , Gregory Morris
CAGD, Barnhill
Surface Approximation and Data Smoothing Using Generalized Epline Functions
Arizona State University, Tempe
Price, Barbara Stewart
Algebra, Derrick
Lower Bounds for P-modules of Linked Curves
Siena Heights College, Michigan


Cannon, James Welden
Topology, Burgess
Tame Subsets of 2-Spheres in E3
University of Wisconsin
BYU, Dept. of Math
Carpenter, Ronn L.
Analysis, Brooks
Analytic Structure in F-Algebras
University of Houston
Thiokol Corporation
Clayton, Dennis Dean
Analysis, Taylor
A Local Characterization of Analytic Structure in a Banach Algebra
Louisiana State University
Hyde, Kendell Heman
Group Theory, Scott
On the Order of the Automorphism Group of a Finite Group
Weber State University
Lether , Frank Gene
CAGD, Barnhill
Cross-product Cubature Error Estimates
Univ. of Georgia, Athens
Univ. of GA, Athens
Lewis, Paul Weldon
Functional Analysis, Tucker
An Extension Theorem and Regularity Conditions for Vector Measures with Finite Semi-variation
North Texas State University, Denton
Mansfield, Lois Edna
CAGD, Barnhill
Optimal Approximation and Error Bounds in Spaces of Multivariate Functions
Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence
Miller, Richard Roy
Analysis, Taylor
Gleason Parts and Choquet Boundary Points for Convolution Measure Algebras
Weber State University
Wilhelmsen, Don Ray
Partial Differential Equations, Dennis
A Generalization of Gradient Techniques for Solving Nonlinear Systems


Billis, Mitchell James
Group Theory, Scott
Factors Groups and Complements in Cartesian Products
Moantana State University
Dinerstein, Nelson Terry
Group Theory, Scott
Finiteness Conditions in Groups with Systems of Complemented Subgroups
California State College, Fullerton
Newman, Stephen Edmond
Analysis, Taylor
Harmonic Analysis on Idempotent Semigroups
Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis
Northern Kentucky Univ.
Pettey, Dix Hayes
Topology, Burgess
One-to-One Continuous Mappings Into the Plane
University of Missouri, Columbia
Wayment, Stanley G.
Analysis, Tucker
Absolute Continuity and the Radon Theorem
Utah State University


Eaton, William Thomas
Topology, Burgess
Side Approximations in Crumpled Cubes
University of Texas, Austin
Hamilton, Wallace Leroy
Theoretical ComputerScience, Case
Categories of Automata Systems
Univ. of Georgia, Athens
Lamoreaux, Jack Wayne
Topology, Burgess
Decompositions of Metoric Spaces with a 0-Dimensional Set of Nondegenerate Elements
Brigham Young University
Wilhelmsen, Russell Kent
Differential Equations, Coles
Boundary Value Problems for a Class of Nonlinear Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations
University of Colorado
Hercules, now retired


Dennis, John Emory
Numerical Analysis, Barnhill
Variations on Newton's Method
Cornell University
Easton, Richard Jensen
Analysis, Tucker
A Generalized Lebesgue-type Integral
Indiana State University
Goodrich, Robert Kent
Functional Analysis, Tucker
A Riesz Representation Theorem and a Hausdorff Moment Problem
University of Colorado
Lambert, Howard Wilson
Topology, Burgess
Locally Spherical Decompositions of E3
University of Iowa
Lister, Frederick Monie
Topology, Burgess
Simplifying Intersections of Disks in Bing's Side Approximation Theorem
Central Washington State College
Peterson, Gerald E.
Analysis, Peyerimhoff
Convergence and Summability Factors
Southern Illinois University
Sher, Richard Benjamin
Topology, Burgess
Toroidal Decomposition of E3
University of Georgia, Athens
Statopoulos, George
Applied Math, Wylie
A New Series of Line Involutions and the Uniqueness of a Certain Line Involution
The United State International Univ., San Diego


Bryan, Robert Neff
Differential Equations, Tucker
A Linear Differential System with General Linear Boundary Conditions
Univ. West. Ontario
Cannon, Lawrence Orson
Topology, Burgess
Sums of Solid Horned Spheres
Utah State University
Gill, Gurcharan Singh
Topology, Chamberlin
Space of Continuous Functions with Compact-open Topology
Brigham Young University
Hansen, Richard Allan
Numerical Analysis, Barnhill
Round-off Procedures in the Numerical Treatment of Differential Equations

Irwin, Ronald LeeFactors
Analysis, Peyerimhoff
Absolute Hardy-Bohr Factors

Jamison, Ronald Dee
Differential Equations, Coles
The Generalized Inverse in Systems of Differential Equations
Brigham Young University
Arizona State University
Komkov, Vadim
Geometry, Case
Applications of Homogeneous Contact Transformations
A.F. Inst. Tech.
Kurtz, J. Cleo
Analysis, Peyerimhoff
Summability Factors

Loveland, Lowell Duane
Topology, Burgess
Same Subsets of Spheres in …3
Utah State University
Runckel, Hans-Joachim
Complex Analysis, Chamberlin
On the Number of Zeros of Entire Functions of Finite Order
Univ. Ulm, Germany


Kurtz, Lynn Clifford
Functional Analysis, Tucker
Vector-valued Summabilty Methods on a Linear Normed Space
Arizona State University
Robertson, Jackie Max
Topology, Chamberlin
Some Topological Properties of Certain Spaces of Differential Homomorphisms of Disks and Spheres
Washington State University


Gillette, Richard Morris
Topology, Chamberlin
The Space of ƒsmooth Homeomorphisms of the 2-cell
Montana State University
Nath, Radha Gobinda
Combinatorics, Kohlbecker
An Asymptotic Formula for Partitions
Salem State College
Sherman, Thomas Lawrence
Differential Equations, Coles
Properties of Solutions of Nth Order Linear Differential Equations
Arizona State University


Yamada, Miyuki
Applied Math, Biesele
The Structure of Separative Bands
Shimane University, Japan
Ford, David Alexander
Analysis, Tucker
A Lebesgue-Stieltjes Integral
Concordia University


Wiser, Ronald Francis
Topology, Burgess
Decomposition and Homogeneity of Continua on a 2-Manifold
Washington State University


Fearnley, Lawrence
Topology, Chamberlin
Continuous Mappings of the Pseudo-arc
Brigham Young University


Deverall, La Mar Ivan
Appied Math, Thorne
1. Solution of Some Problems in Bending of Thin Plates by the Finite Fourier Sine Transform 2.Some Relations Involving the Special Functions of Mathematical Physics
Fletcher, Harvey
Applied Math, Thorne
Trigonometric Series Applied to Bending of Thin Rectangular Plates
Brigham Young University
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