Windows 10 - Add Printer

The specifics used in this example are for a Canon imageRUNNER Advanced C5560i II. The Canon UFR II driver can be downloaded from Also, there is a local copy of the driver here (as of 30-Aug-2021).

Open Settings
Add Printer
Select "The printer..."
Select TCP/IP
Select device, host and port
Wait for Windows...
Select Custom, then "Settings..."
Select LPR, enter Queue and select "LPR Byte Counting"
Select "Have Disk..."
Select "Browse..."
Navigate to Downloads
Navigate to "Generic..."
Navigate to "Driver" and select CNLB0MA64
Click "OK"
Click "Next"
Enter local printer name
Wait for Windows
Select "Do not share..."
Click "Finish"
Select the printer that was just added and "Manage"
Click "Printer properties"
Select "Device Settings", then "Change"
Click "Select Manually", "iR-ADV PRO", uncheck "Retrieve Device Information"
Select "Paper Output Settings"
Select "Offset", "Staple" and "Eco (Staple Free)"