Single component, multiphase lattice Boltzmann models (LBM) in invasion percolation

Michael C. Sukop and Dani Or

Utah State University

Single component, multiphase LBM (e.g., models that simulate water and its vapor) offer a unique opportunity for computing invasion percolation-like fluid advance in realistic porous media (derived from imaging techniques) by simulating the physical behavior and configuration of liquid/vapor and liquid/solid interfaces. Applied to typical percolation domains, where the assignment of size/invasion probability to each site in a regular network is random, the proposed approach retains the simplicity and qualities of percolation models and enhances the treatment of fluid physics, including vapor flow and the potential for simulations at relatively high capillary numbers. The complex geometry of connected paths in such percolation models arises solely from the random spatial arrangement of simple elements on a lattice. In reality, fluid interfaces and connectivity in porous media are naturally controlled by the details of the pore geometry and its interaction with the fluid and the ambient fluid potential. The multiphase LBM approach admits realistic pore geometry derived from imaging techniques and incorporation of realistic hydrodynamics into invasion percolation models, and advances our understanding of constitutive transport properties in multiphase systems.