We are deeply grateful to the National Science Foundation and the Army Research Office for providing major financial support for the meeting.

We are thankful to the University of Utah, the office of the Vice President of Research, the College of Science, and the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics for their support. We are also grateful to Schlumberger-Doll for providing funds to help offset the costs of women graduate students and/or women postdocs attending the conference. Additionally we are grateful to Elsevier for providing funds for a competition.

Special mention goes to Dana Ballard of Intermountain Mortgage, John K. Patton of Lewis Walcott and Dornbush Real Estate, Peggy Beers, Rhonda Parise, Nina McGee, Meryl Redisch of Tree Utah, Graeme Milton, Snowbird Mountain Resort, Title West, XMission, and DeAnn Tilton of Salt Lake City Weekly for their sponsorship of the conference bag, which we believe was one the best conference bags ever created for a scientific meeting.

The conference is endorsed by the American Physical Society (APS) and is being held in cooperation with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and the Optical Society of America (OSA). Some international participants may wish to plan their trip to attend both ETOPIM 6 and the SIAM 50th anniversary meeting.

We thank the following websites for listing the conference: www.ams.org, www.eps.org/aps/meet/calendar.html, at.yorku.ca/amca/, http://AcademiaExchange.net/, www.dmoz.org, www.eventsinfo.net, www.physics.umd.edu/robot.

Any Sponsors will be prominently and gratefully acknowledged on this website, at the conference, in the book of abstracts, and in the conference proceedings.