Invited Speakers

ETOPIM 6 will include talks (please click on the titles to see the abstracts) by the following distinguished scientists:

    David J. Bergman (Tel-Aviv University)
         Exact relations between critical exponents for elastic stiffness and electrical conductivity of percolating networks

    James G. Berryman (Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and Stanford University)
         Electrokinetic effects and fluid permeability

    Alan Bishop (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
         Modeling intrinsically complex matter: nonlinear, nonadiabatic, nonequilibrium

    Oscar P. Bruno (Caltech)
         Wave scattering by inhomogeneous media: efficient algorithms and applications

    Hui Cao (Northwestern University)
         Lasing with resonant feedback in random media

    Vicki Colvin (Rice University)
         From opals to optics: Building photonic band gaps in nanostructured materials

   Anthony Roy Day (John Carroll University)
         A spectral representation for the dielectric properties of layered materials

    Hajo Eicken (University of Alaska)
         Microstructural controls on transport phenomena in sea ice

    Alexander B. Granovsky (Moscow State University)
         Magnetic nanocomposites close to the percolation threshold: Magnetotransport and magnetooptics

    Naomi Halas (Rice University)
         The manipulation of light: One nanoparticle at a time

    James C. Hone(Caltech)
         Phonons and thermal transport in nanoscale devices and nanomaterials

    Sajeev John (University of Toronto)
         Photonic band gap materials: Semiconductors of light

    Steven G. Johnson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
         High-Q cavities without a complete photonic band gap

    Inna Kaganova (Institute for High Pressure Physics, Russia)
         The impedance boundary conditions and effective surface impedance of inhomogeneous metals

    James P. Keener (University of Utah)
         The importance of microstructure in defibrillation

    Ad Lagendijk (University of Twente, Netherlands)
         Light scattering and fluctuations under extreme conditions

    Ross C. McPhedran (Sydney University)
         Structural colours through photonic crystals

    Toshiyuki Nakagaki (Hokkaido University)
         Design of transportation network by an amoeba-like organism

    Dani Or (Utah State University)
         Time domain reflectometry measurement of bulk permittivity of porous mixtures containing bound water

    George C. Papanicolaou (Stanford University)
         Time reversal, imaging and communications in random media

    John B. Pendry (Imperial College)
         Refining the perfect lens

    Donald K. Perovich(CRREL)
         Complex yet translucent: The optical properties of sea ice

    Vladimir Prigodin (Ohio State)
         Quantum hopping in doped conducting polymers

    Muhammad Sahimi (University of Southern California)
         Transport of fluid mixtures in nanoporous materials

    Vladimir Shalaev(Purdue University)
         Plasmonic nanophotonics: Manipulating light and sensing molecules

    Ping Sheng (Hong Kong Univ. Sci. Tech.)
         Locally resonant sonic materials

    Albert J. Sievers (Cornell University)
         Probing the spontaneous generation of nanoscale energy localization

    John Sipe (University of Toronto)
         An effective field perspective on the nonlinear optical properties of artificially structured materials

    Gerald Stringfellow (University of Utah)
         Control of nano- and micro-scale inhomogenities using surfactants in III/V alloys

    David Wilkowski (Laboratoire Ondes et Désordre, Valbonne)
         Light transport in cold atoms : The fate of coherent backscattering in the weak localization regime