Submitting your paper

Invited speakers and participants with accepted contributed presentations are required to hand in the manuscripts before or during, but absolutely no later than, August 31st. The manuscripts will go through the usual review process. Papers for the minisymposia, oral presentations and poster presentations are limited to four journal pages. Papers for the invited presentations are limited to six journal pages. Guidelines for the preparation of manuscripts and calculating the manuscript length in journal pages have been sent to authors.

For those of you preparing the manuscript for the proceedings using latex see for instructions and style files. For your convenience, these files along with sample tex files can be found at (Thanks to Nelson Beebe for providing these). The latex files (or word document if you are using microsoft word) can be submitted via email to the conference coordinator Eleen Collins, We prefer the original latex file rather than the final postcript file in case corrections have to be made. Please use standard latex or latex2e with no additional style files beyond the Elsevier ones. If you use bibtex please also submit the .bbl files, and if you have figures please submit the associated .eps files. For refereeing purposes please send three hardcopies of your manuscript to Eleen Collins, University of Utah, Department of Mathematics, 155 South 1400 East room 233, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0090. Note that there will be a charge if you use color figures: $600 for one page of color figures and $300 per additional page.