Nanostructures Session

The aim of this session, to be held on Friday July 19th, is to highlight this burgeoning research area, and to stimulate in depth discussion. The session will consist of four (invited) 30 minute lead talks:

    Naomi Halas (Rice University)
         The manipulation of light: One nanoparticle at a time

    James C. Hone(Caltech)
         Phonons and thermal transport in nanoscale devices and nanomaterials

    Vladimir Shalaev(Purdue University)
         Plasmonic nanophotonics: Manipulating light and sensing molecules

    Gerald Stringfellow (University of Utah)
         Control of nano- and micro-scale inhomogenities using surfactants in III/V alloys

followed by five 20 minute presentations:

   V.I. Boev (Univ. do Minho, Portugal)
         Dipole-dipole interaction effect on the optical response of quantum dot ensembles

    A.A. Lazarides (Northwestern Univ.)
         Dynamic effective medium theory of nanosphere materials

    A.B. Pakhomov (HKUST, China)
         Resistance switching and memory in a metal-dielectric nanocomposite system

    M.I. Stockman (Georgia State)
         Femtosecond energy concentration in nanosystems: coherent control

    H.-G. Zhou (Xiamen Univ. China)
         The study of 5CB absorbed on nano-roughened Ag and Au electrodes by surface-enhanced raman scattering

Please click on the titles to see the abstracts. Additionally there will be other talks during the conference which relate to nanostructured materials.