I.               Manuscripts, keyword sampling and figure quality


Size:               It is necessary to ask the authors to strictly follow the guidelines for preparing their paper and estimating the size of their contribution, as proceedings always tend to exceed the size that is planned for them. All articles should be double-spaced and with wide margins. Manuscripts with closely packed lines are just a smart trick for authors to circumvent these restrictions. If, in spite of this, the proceedings tend to exceed the planned size, the Issue Manager should be informed about this immediately, so he can adapt his planning accordingly. Submission of articles in electronic form should be encouraged, especially of accepted manuscripts (only together with paper copy; any wordprocessing system on floppy can in principle be handled).


Titlepage:                            The titlepage of every manuscript should contain the following material in this order:

                                                                                                            B Version date (make sure you send to us only the final accepted version)

                                                                                                            B Title

                                                                                                            B Complete author list

                                                                                                            B Complete affiliation list (coupling to authors by superscript letters)

                                                                                                            B Abstract

                                                                                                            B 3 or 4 Keywords (which you can use for the Subject Index, see below)

                                                                                                            B Corresponding author + address and Fax-no. / E-mail address

                                                                                                            B Any footnotes to the above items


Keywords:                         In case the author did not supply keywords it is always the Guest Editor's responsibility to provide these together with the manuscripts. Please simply write these keywords down on the first page of the manuscrip. From the keywords the typesetter will generate the subject/materails index after pagination of the articles.


Figures:                                   Only original figures of good quality, resolution and readability can be accepted for printing, i.e. NO XEROX FIGURE COPIES! Photographs should be originals too. For colour pages a charge of approximately $ 800 per page will be made.


II.             Sending manuscripts to Elsevier


It is requested to submit the manuscripts for the proceedings complete and in order of publication. Only for very large proceedings (> 300 mss.) it may be profitable to make an exception to this rule. If some manuscripts are still missing from the complete batch, e.g. due to required revisions etc., please simply leave their numbers open in the list of contributions (see first item under III below), indicating "To be submitted later" in the respective entries and send as soon as possible to Elsevier.


III.            Items necessary for publication and respective sending terms

B List of contributions in order of publication                                                     Together with manuscripts

                                    [including chapter headings (contents)],

                                    with separate columns for paper no., title,

                                    first author, corresponding author,

                                    corr. address, Fax no., E-mail address

B Proposal for title page (see recent Elsevier issue)           One month after sending manuscripts

B Preface and Committee List (also on floppy)                                               Id.

B Conference Logo (if any, for title page / cover)                                    Id. (high-quality original required)

B Conference Photograph (if available / desired)                                    Id. (id.)

B Adhesive address labels for mailing to participants                     Within about two months later