Rules for the Submission of forms:

Thou shalt filleth the Form given to thee in full, and
thou shalt not omit any field of Thy Given Form;
for Omitting fields in the Form shall cause great displeasure for ETOPIM.
Imperfect FORMS shall not please ETOPIM
and shall be gravely Rejected: and thou shalt be Miserable.
When thy ist Pure and Prepared and Ready,
then thou shalt push the SUBMIT button.
Thou shalt not push the CLEAR FORM button, thou shalt not push the SUGGESTIONS bar,
for the SUBMIT button is the button that thou shalt push.
And push it hard thou shalt.
And a MIRACLE shall be heralded!
Eleen Collins and the Committee of ETOPIM shall feast and
 pray and sing, giving up great joys, saying unto Each Other:
"the Form is here; the Form is here!"
and the Awesome power of their praise be heard throughout the land.

Rules are made by Xenia Cherkaev