Win $500 by joining the thinktank of Elsevier Science

Elsevier Science is providing two awards of $500 each to the two students or postdocs registering at and attending ETOPIM6 who make the best assessment of Physics Connect ( All entries should be sent to Donna Wilson before the deadline of the 14th of June, 2002. On receipt of all entries, Elsevier Science will endeavour to inform the two successful applicants by the 21st of June, 2002. Two cheques for the amount of US$500.00 will be issued to the winners and given to them at the conference.

The rules to win $500

With regarding the results of the competition no further corresponding is allowed.

What is physics connect?

Physics Connect ( provides a comprehensive overview of of physics by combining content from several preprint servers. Among which (also known as the Los Alamos preprint archive), and articles published in over 80 journals in physics, astronomy, materials science, chemistry and engineering. Keeps you up-to-date on new articles in your field of interest, independent of publishers, journals of preprint servers and contains features, such as the facility to create and maintain your own electronic library of articles at

Target Group of Physics Connect

All scientists in Physics and Astronomy.