Sergey Antonyan UNAM, Mexico

Brian Bowditch University of Warwick

Martin R Bridson Oxford University

Ken Bromberg University of Utah

Sergei Buyalo PDMI RAS

Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace Université catholique de Louvain

Ruth Charney Brandeis

Mike Davis Ohio State

Jerzy Dydak University of Tennessee

Mark Feighn Rutgers University

Steve Ferry Rutgers University

Koji Fujiwara Tohoku University

Misha Kapovich University of California, Davis

Danuta Kolodziejczyk Warsaw University of Technology

Urs Lang ETH Zurich

Michael Levin Ben-Gurion University

Gilbert Levitt University of Caen

Gordana Matic Univ of Georgia

Yoav Moriah Technion

Sergey Melikhov Steklov Math Institute, Moscow

Alexander Nabutovsky University of Toronto

Piotr Nowak Texas A&M

Boris Okun University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Regina Rotman University of Toronto

Francisco R. Ruiz del Portal Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Leonard R. Rubin University of Oklahoma

Michah Sageev Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Jose M. R. Sanjurjo Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Mark V. Sapir Vanderbilt University

Viktor Schroeder Universität Zürich

Zlil Sela Hebrew University

Sonja Stimac University of Zagreb

Jan van Mill Vrije Universteit Amsterdam

Karen Vogtmann Cornell University

Shmuel Weinberger University of Chicago

Tatuhiko Yagasaki Kyoto Institute of Technology

Guoliang Yu Vanderbilt University

June 26 - July 3, 2011

Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik,Croatia


The conference is supported in part by the National Science Foundation.


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Mladen Bestvina(Utah)

Alexander Dranishnikov (Univ of Florida)

James Keesling (Univ of Florida)

Vlasta Matijevic (Univ of Split)

Sime Ungar (Univ of Zagreb)

Participants will stay at Hotel Lero
Conference rates: 96 euros for a double room, 78 for a single.
Breakfast is included in the room. Dinner can be added for 7 euros, and lunch+dinner for 19 euros.

Please complete this form (use Adobe Reader) and send it to the Hotel LERO

Apparently, Lero is full. For additional lodging options see here

Fee: 140 euros, 70 for accompanying persons.

There will be an excursion and the cost is 60 euros.


Second announcement


Dubrovnik Topology Conferences have a long tradition dating back 36 years.
(for a glimpse of the past conferences see Dubrovnik2007).
The 2011 conference will have an emphasis in geometric topology and geometric group theory.