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Project Mailing Lists

There are some mailing lists to discuss MSDOS ports of GNU software. They include:

bug-gnu-msdos@sun.soe.clarkson.edu     bug reports, enhancements
help-gnu-msdos@sun.soe.clarkson.edu    questions and answers
info-gnu-msdos@sun.soe.clarkson.edu    announcements, moderated
djgpp@sun.soe.clarkson.edu             80386 djgpp discussions

To get on or off one of these lists, send a request to:


or, if you don't get a reply, to:


Note: do not send requests to the lists, only the `listserv'!

For example, to become subscribed to the list `info-gnu-msdos', send a message whose contents (not the Subject) is:

add info-gnu-msdos

If you don't know how to use a `listserv', send it a request for help. Do this by sending it a mail message consisting of the word `help', without quotes, of course. If you don't get a reply, include an Internet return address with the command `path user@host.dom.ain', replacing `user@host.dom.ain' with your Internet email address.

The lists are not currently digestified, and are open to subscription by anyone. The `info-gnu-msdos' mailing list is moderated by Russell Nelson, solely to ensure that only announcements get sent to the list (and not requests!). Problems with the mailing lists should be directed to the appropriate `-request' list. For the newcomers: an Internet standard for mailing lists is to provide a mail alias that has the same name as the list, with `-request' appended, e.g. `info-gnu-msdos-request'.

Also, please consider these lists as GNU project subsidiary mailing lists. They were made up after the GNUish MSDOS project, not before, and their intent is to help to keep to project moving, not to change its definition or meaning. There are several lists already and other means to discuss non-GNUish software for MSDOS; there are other lists to discuss the pros and cons of the GNU project itself. You can nask `gnu@prep.ai.mit.edu' for a description of these other lists.

The mailing lists were organized by David Camp, Len Tower, Russ Nelson and DJ Delorie.

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