Mathematics 216: Introduction to Mathematical Computation (with C)

The objective of this class is to learn to use the computer as a tool for thinking about and solving mathematics problems, and to do as much such thinking and solving as possible. We will use the C programming language.
Note: Take a look at Assignment 10 for a helpful hint. I'll not be in Monday and Tuesday this week but will check my e-mail occasionally to see if there are questions I can answer.

Syllabus and weekly assignments

  1. The harmonic series
  2. Computing pi as a length
  3. Computing pi as an area
  4. Elaborating some previous programs
  5. Finding roots using the bisection method
  6. Factoring integers into primes
  7. The Sieve of Eratosthenes
  8. The One-Dimensional Heat Equation
  9. The Two-Dimensional Heat Equation
  10. Final problems: evolution of random temperature distributions
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