Sensor 3I "11 December 1987" "InterViews" "InterViews Reference Manual"

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Sensor - input interest for interactors




A sensor specifies a set of interesting input events. Several sensors are predefined as global variables. The sensor ``allEvents'' is interested in all user input events (excludes ChannelEvent and TimerEvent); ``noEvents'' is not interested in any events; ``updownEvents'' is interested in UpEvents and DownEvents; and ``onoffEvents'' is interested in EnterEvents and LeaveEvents.


Create a new sensor that is not interested in any events.
Create a sensor whose interests are the same as the given sensor.
void Catch(EventType)
void CatchButton(EventType, int)
void CatchChannel(int)
void CatchTimer(int sec, int usec)
Express interest in an event. CatchButton can be used for keys as well as buttons, though it is necessary to know the key code. Not all types of events make sense for all the operations; for example, Catch(ChannelEvent) is not meaningful. Such requests are silently ignored.
void Ignore(EventType)
void IgnoreButton(EventType, int)
void IgnoreChannel(int)
Remove interest in an event. Ignore means no interest in any events of a particular kind; thus Ignore(DownEvent) means pressing any button will not generate an event.
void CatchRemote()
void IgnoreRemote()
Express or remove interest in access to the structure of an interactor's canvas. Only a world view should use these operations, as such access is reported using the WorldView::InsertRemote and WorldView::ChangeRemote operations.


Interactor(3I), World(3I), WorldView(3I)