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CES Program Requirements

To qualify for the CES certificate a student must:

Propose a program of study according to the stipulations below, including

Complete a project that involves all principles of CES and requires significant expertise in a science or engineering application area. This requirement will normally be satisfied automatically by the student's thesis work for the regular degree.

Have the program of study approved by the CES Coordinating Committee.

Complete the CES program of study with at least a B in each course.

Complete the regular degree.

Notify the CES Coordinating Committee of completion and submit appropriate documentation.

The student's program of study must include the following items:

A selection of courses, part of which, contain the required CES courses from the list below.

A description of the student's major area of study, and a proposal of how to meet the interdisciplinary requirement, and a brief rationale of why this particular set of courses was chosen and how the ingredients fit together.

A student may petition the Coordinating Committee to be exempt from some of the requirements put forth here, or to propose substitutes for some required courses.

To obtain a graduate certificate in CES, a student must complete (one semester) courses (click here for course descriptions) in each of the following areas:
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