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Introduction to the CES Program

The grand computational challenges in engineering and science require for their resolution a new scientific approach. As one report points out, ``The use of modern computers in scientific and engineering research and development over the last three decades has led to the inescapable conclusion that a third branch of scientific methodology has been created. It is now widely acknowledged that, along with traditional experimental and theoretical methodologies, advanced work in all areas of science and technology has come to rely critically on the computational approach.'' This methodology represents a new intellectual paradigm for scientific exploration and visualization of scientific phenomena. It permits a new approach to the solution of problems that were previously inaccessible.

At the University of Utah the Departments of Computer Science (located in the College of Engineering) and Mathematics (located in the College of Science) have established a program that we consider a first step towards the modernization of the University's curriculum in what we call ``Computational Engineering and Science'' (CES). Our goal is to provide a mechanism by which a graduate student can obtain integrated expertise and skills in all areas that are required for the solution of a particular problem via the computational methodology. In developing the program, we were constrained by the requirement that students should be able to complete the curriculum without adding to their course loads or significantly lengthening their degree programs; otherwise, we would likely loose our customers. At present successful participation in the program is acknowledged by a certificate that is attached to the student's regular graduate diploma. We hope that at a later stage we will be able to establish an actual graduate degree program in CES. Our program is designed mostly for students in the Colleges of Engineering, Mines, and Science. However, in principle any graduate student at the University can participate.

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