University of Utah

Department of Mathematics


Algebraic Geometry Seminar


Spring 1998 Lectures

8 April        J\'anos Koll\'ar  (University of Utah)
               Effective Nullstellensatz and Lojasiewic inequality

10 April       Andrei Suslin  (Northwestern University)

15 April       Paul Roberts  (University of Utah)
               A criterion for positivity of intersection multiplicities

6 May          Holger Kley  (University of Utah)
               Curves on threefolds via Hilbert schemes

13 May         Barbara Fantechi (University of Trento)
               Obstruction spaces for deformation functors

20 May         Jim Carlson  (University of Utah)
               Period maps for del Pezzo surfaces

27 May         Jaume Amoros  (University of Utah)
               The topology of Lefschetz pencils of curves

3 June         Robert Morelli  (University of Utah)
               On the concept of continuity

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