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Della Rae Riker

Executive Secretary



Office: JWB 233
Phone: (801) 581-6851



  • Main Office
  • Textbook Orders
  • Course Evaluations
  • Grade Changes
  • Printer Issues
  • Scheduling of Rooms
  • Visitor Office Allocation
  • Building Issues
  • Emergency Response Coordinator
  • Office Supplies
  • Maintenance of Bulletin Boards
  • People Page
  • Suppressed Class Permissions
  • Keys
  • Photo Board
  • Coffe machine maintenance and coffee supplies
Administrative Support for:
Beebe, Nelson
Bestvina, Mladen
Golden, Ken
Guevara Vasquez, Fernando
Gustafson, Grant
Korevaar, Nick
Smale, Nat
Toledo, Domingo
Trapa, Peter
Tucker, Don
Emeritus Faculty as needed
Visiting Faculty/Scholars as needed 
Last Updated: 10/31/17