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Gail Howick

Project Coordinator 

B.A. 1993, English, University of Utah 


Office: JWB 235
Phone: (801) 585-3912



  • RTG grants (includes all grant related responsibilities): purchases, reimbursements, travel, recruitment, workshops, conferences and seminars [preparing posters and posting information], graduate student traineeships and stipends, tuition payments, insurance payments, annual reports etc. related to RTG grants
  • MSMT graduate program
  • Mail Distribution
  • Posting of weekly seminar list and colloquium posters
  • Assists with department directory boards
  • First back-up to front office
  • Administrative Support for:
RTG for Math Biology                            RTG for Algebraic Geometry and Topology MathEd
Adler, Fred Bertram, Aaron Cangelosi, Amanda                        
Borisyuk, Alla Bromberg, Ken Cummings, Maggie
Bressloff, Paul de Fernex, Tommaso MacArthur, Kelly
Fogelson, Aaron Boocher, Adam van Opstall, Michael
Fogelson, Ben Lim, Bronson  
Keener, Jim Mandel, Travis  
Lawley, Sean    
Lewis, Owen    
Last Updated: 11/1/17