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An example of executing the IBIS

Suppose that you have created a directory called


and you wish to exectute the balloon example. The sequence of commands needed to accomplish this task are;

        >> cd ~/IBIS/problems
        >> ibisdir balloon
        >> cd balloon

            create the ibis source file balloon.ibis

        >> preibis balloon.ibis
        >> ibis 
        >> ibisview &

The first three commands creates the balloon subdirectory under the  /IBIS/problems/ directory and places the needed files in that directory.

Then IBIS source file must be created in  /IBIS/problems/balloon. See the IBIS Programming Guide for the needed information to accomplish this task.

The fourth command interpretes balloon.ibis and sets up the needed files for the numerical simulation. This may take a moment because the numerical software is being compiled and linked. The fifth command executes the numerical software, and some intermediate output will begin scrolling across your terminal. The final command executes the graphical analysis software.

David Eyre