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Elastic link elements:

The elastic link definitions specify which entities are linked, set the physical parameters of the elastic links along the immersed boundaries, and set the parameters for dynamic link creation and destruction.

The elastic link elements of an IBIS program are:

{\vert cllc\vert} \hline
 & & & \  & & & \...
 ...ty elastic link properties & \  & & & \  \hline\end{tabular} \end{displaymath}

The spring command resets the default elastic link properties of an entity type. It is possible to also override the defaults for each individual entity, but spring is the simplest command to issue if the default link properties need to be changed.

The linking commands, link, blink, olink and slink, specify methods of linking two different entities. The commands blink and olink require that the two entities to be linked have the same number of immersed boundary points. See the examples for their use.

David Eyre