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Required language elements:

Every IBIS program must contain the following five statements. These statements define the physical domain of the problem, the computational domain and time parameters, the output graphics parameters, and the physical properties of the fluid.

The required elements of an IBIS program are:

{\vert cllc\vert} \hline
 & & & \  & & & \...
 ...ine graphics visualization & \  & & & \  \hline\end{tabular} \end{displaymath}

The domain statement must be the first statement of every IBIS program. The grid statement must be the second statement of every IBIS program. The fluid statement defines the viscosity, and the density of the fluid. The visual statement defines the size of the color graphics files that are generated, the frequency that those files are generated, and the density of fluid marker particles in the output files. The graph statement defines the frequency of output and parameters for the data used to create line plots. User defined flow fields can be imported to ibpts programs with the fluid statement.

David Eyre